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Hey guys. My name's Shauna, sometimes Shane. Queer as fuck. Genderqueer. I'm 22, live in Portland, Oregon, and I'm a huge nerd. And thus, I will blog nerdy things. I love Sherlock, Doctor Who, anime, manga, Kingdom Hearts, etc. etc. etc. and all the queer things. I am a sometimes cosplayer, when I have the time/money. I'm currently going to school at Portland State University.

Hates assholes. Loves fictional assholes. Is an asshole.

I love mischief.

So my birlfriend has posted a few tasteful “nudes” (in my opinion) to try to overcome some self body shame (even though she’s lovely :3 ). So I thought I might kind of do the same.

I don’t particularly hate my body, but there’s nothing I really like about it.

I apologize to any followers who dislike “nudes” or nsfw material, however, I think each and every body is something that should be appreciated, and it’s not something that automatically has to be sexualized. Bodies are a beautiful thing, and they shouldn’t be see as something shameful.

So here’s me. Again, I apologize for those who aren’t fond of this kind of thing. 

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